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These guys installed copper plumbing throughout my house back in 2009 and I was very happy with the results. So it was a no brainer for me when I had a dripping kitchen faucet last week to call on them again. They scheduled a guy to come around the next morning. I didn't like my existing faucet so had decided to replace it with another one while the job was being done. It turned out that it was the connecting pipe between the faucet and the copper in the wall that had gone bad. It was galvanized so there had been a reaction between that metal and the copper in the wall. The plumber managed to get that bad piece out and replaced it with a copper one which won't suffer the same problem. He installed my new faucet and worked out that I owed $145 so I gave him a check and he went on his way. Imagine my surprise when he knocked on the door 10 minutes later and returned my check to me, saying that the boss had said I didn't owe anything because that piece of galvanized was an oversight on their part, they should have picked that up when they installed my copper. So, have confidence that these guys stand behind their work, even years later.
Pam J.
Winnetka, CA
I called and was promised an early appointment two days later (when it was convenient for me). I explained my problem and was given the price for the service. Willie and Leo the plummers arrived at my home just before 9am this morning and my main line was cleared quickly and I paid exactly what was told to me. Having a home built in 1911 I've received service from this company three times over the last ten years. I cannot say enough good things about the friendly staff, and quality workmanship. They all take great pride in making sure you are completely satisfied. I would not hesitate to suggest you call them first if you need service. To the staff I thank you for over delivering what you promised. Juliana Patron
Juliana P.
Los Angeles, CA
I have been a customer for the past 7 years. This company is a great company and provides greats service. I highly recommend them for plumbing problems.

Edmund F.
Granada Hills, CA
Every Time we have a plumbing problem they fix it!!! The staff is awesome and friendly, and there's nothing they can't do. Super efficient. They repiped my moms Main too and for a great price.

Janeen C.
Chatsworth, CA